All About Monterrey

Monterrey Mexico

Monterrey isn’t traditionally thought of as a great tourist destination, but the city does have plenty to offer its visitors. The city is a sprawling metropolis that serves as Mexico’s High Tech center.

It is also the 3rd largest city in Mexico. Monterey is laid out like many American cities, with widespread suburbs surrounding the main metropolitan area.

The city sits at the foot of the Sierra Madre mountains, in a 1,800-foot-high valley. The city sits in the shadow of the uniquely shaped 5’700-foot mountain peak called “Cerro de la Silla,” or Saddle Hill.

Monterey has a massive 6 block “square,” that forms its city center, which is called the Macroplaza. The Macroplaza is home to many of the important city buildings such as city hall, the post office, museums, theatres, and the cities’ cathedral. The city has put lots of work into it’s preservation of culture. There are plenty of museums of art, history, science, and even a Planetarium.

If Monterey itself isn’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty of activities outside of the city. You can go take a gondola up Friar’s Mountain, and then traverse the Garcia Caves. The Cascada Cola de Caballo, Horse Tail Falls, is also just outside the city.

The most popular destination outside of Monterey is Chipinique National Park. The park has a plethora of hike and bike trails that are nestled among beautiful groves of trees. You can even stay overnight in the park at the Chipinique Hotel.

Monterey is a high tech city with a good sense of history and culture. Check out some other destinations across Mexico.