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The best place to find and book your accommodation in Monterrey is on the web. Sites like travelocity take the hassle and confusion about booking hotels, flights ,and car rentals by having all the information at your fingertips. There are photographs and ratings of most hotels in the area. All you need to decide is when and where to stay.

Monterrey accommodations consist of the popular chains around the U.S. and Mexico and cater to all kinds of budget. These are the 3 distinct areas where most hotels are located aside from the hotels near the airport:

1.  City Center around the Macro Plaza is the most popular place to stay. The hotels here are scattered around the main plaza.

2. Area around Parque Fundidora. Centrimex, the cityʼs modern exhibition and convention center is located here.

3. San Pedro Garcia Garza. Most of the nicer hotels can be found in this area.

Many of the hotels have facilities for meetings and even convention capabilities. Buffet breakfasts are offered in some hotels and most have their own restaurants.

Budget Accommodation

La Casa Del Barrio
Diego De Montemayor 1221
Col Centro. Barrio Antiguo
Monterrey, Mexico 64000

This centrally located bed & breakfast, hostel and foreign language school offers budget accommodation . They have private double rooms and dorm rooms that are suitable for backpackers. Prices start at $17- $39 per day.

La Casa del Barrio was built in the 1900 and it proudly gives the visitor an authentic taste of Mexican hospitality. The cathedral, museums and other important colonial building in the city of Monterrey are only a few blocks away.

Whether your visit to Monterrey is for business or pleasure, you will find plenty of Monterrey accommodations to suit your budget and style. Just quickly check out the list on Travelocity and other travel sites and you are on your way to having a fun trip.