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Hotels and Resorts

Unless there is a large event during your visit you shouldn’t have a very hard time getting a hotel room in Monterrey. With over 8400 hotel rooms the process of choosing a hotel can get to be a little confusing.

The nicer hotels are pretty much centered in three distinct areas. The city center, around Macro Plaza, seems to be the most popular area with many hotels adjacent to, or very close to the main plaza. The area around Parque Fundidora, which is home to Centrimex, the city’s modern convention and exhibition center, is another area where a lot of hotels are grouped. Lastly, San Pedro GarcĂ­a Garza, located over the hill from Monterrey is home to many of the city’s nicest hotels. Of course, there are also some hotels located close to the airport.

Many of Monterrey’s hotels have facilities for meetings and a few even have convention capabilities. Quite a few of the hotels in Monterrey offer their guests a breakfast buffet. Live entertainment is an all day event at some of the hotels.

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