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Monterrey, the third largest city in Mexico is modern and industrialized. It is the only city in Mexico with more colleges, universities and institutes of technology per capita. Its location at the foot of the breathtaking Sierra Madre Mountains makes it a desirable place to  live.

Why Buy Real Estate Monterrey

The city offers the visitor a cultural experience that is different from any other coastal resort town. Also, Monterrey real estate prices are lower than those in the beach resort areas of Mexico. The temperate climate and natural beauty lures the potential foreign investor to reside here.

The real estate housing market is different from other Mexican cities because tract homes that are modeled after the U.S. are now more popular here.

Property Laws

Buying real estate property anywhere in Mexico can be a challenge but with the help of a reliable real estate agent you will be on your way to being a property owner.

Mexican property laws need to be fully understood before you think about purchasing a property. A lawyer experienced in real estate property will be able to answer any questions that your agent wonʼt be able to.

Restricted Zone Law

Foreigners are not allowed to purchase properties within 100 kms of the border and 50 kms within the coastline. Although Monterrey is about 140 miles south of the border of the U.S., it is still important to be aware of this if purchasing nearby.

Real Estate Companies

The internet is initially one way of the best ways of sifting through available homes listed for sale or rent. You will be able to check out the property details as well as photos and other pertinent information. Below is a list of some of the real estate companies operating in Monterrey.

Centurty 21- InverFuturo 8333-9734
Jose Benitez 2460-A
Factor Home 8315-2289
AV. Insurgentes 160
San Jeronimo
Garcia Narro & Asociados 8363-4635
Av. Lazaro Cardenas 2400 Pte
San Pedro Garcia Garza
Maple Property Services 8368-0516
B. Diaz Odaz 140
Santa Maria
Marcelo Cantu 8378-2502
San Pedro

If you plan to visit or stay in Monterrey, you also have the option to do short or long term rentals. Luxury properties, homes, apartments and condos are available, just contact your real estate agent. Once youʼve decided to purchase or rent , owning a Monterrey real estate property is only a phone call away. VAMO

Popular Places to Buy Real Estate in Monterrey

San Pedro Garza Garcia

This municipality outside the city of Monterrey is an affluent area where expatriates tend to live. There are newer and modern developments that offer golf or mountain view homes. It is located right next to the Chipinque Reserve at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. where you can hike, jog and enjoy the surroundings.