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Monterrey has established itself as an significant cultural center. We have listed the most important museums and theaters, along with some that are not necessarily important, but are interesting just the same. You will probably be pleasantly surprised when you discover the possibilities available here. The following list should help you decide which museums and theaters you want to visit. Admission prices vary, but all are very reasonable. Pick up a copy of “What’s On Monterrey”, available in most hotel lobbies, or call the Infotur office at 8344-4343 to get a list of current attractions and schedules.

Some of Monterrey’s museums offer free admission on different days and for certain exhibits.


Museo del Acero

A non profit science and technology center, providing multiple interactive areas that enforce scientific and technological education, commemorating the history of steel and its industrial development.
Located inside Parque Fundidora, Monterrey 8126-1108

Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO)

Over 15.000 sq. ft. of permanent and temporary displays. Nice gift shop.
Corner of Zuazua and Ocampo
Centro 8342-4820

Museum of Mexican History

visual and pictorial history of Mexico. Interesting displays. Beautiful grounds, on the exact site of the city’s founding.
Dr. Coss No. 445 Sur
Centro 8345-9898

Monterrey Metropolitan Museum

History, Mexican tradition and customs, Founders of the city, Showing local artists on weekends.
Zaragoza and Corregidora 8344-1971

El Obispado

Nuevo Leon Regional Museum featuring historical artifacts from Monterrey. Great view of the city from one of it’s oldest buildings.
Rafael José Vergel S/N
Col. Obispado 8333-9588

Alfa Planetarium

Art museum, permanent technology expositions and a science garden, also IMAX Dome Theatre.
Av. Roberto Garza Sada No. 1000
San Pedro Garza García 8303-0002

Glass Museum

History of Glass making – Some incredible displays of glass art.
Zaragoza and Magallanes
Treviño 8329-1000, ext. 1105

Center of the Arts

Dance and Music spectaculars, Theater Ave.
Fundidora y Adolfo Prieto
Parque Fundidora 8479-0010

Casa de la Cultura

Exhibitions, Concerts, and Conferences.
Av. Colón No. 400 Ote.
Centro 8374-1226

Cineteca Fototeca de Nuevo Leon

Photograph exhibitions and Movie screenings. Av. Fundidora and Aldolfo Prieto
Parque Fundidora 8479-0015

City Theater

Theater, ballet, workshops, festivals and extravaganzas. Zuazua and Matamoros
Centro 8343-8975

Baseball Hall of Fame

History of Mexican Baseball (Solon de la Fama) featuring México’s most famous baseball players. Located adjacent to the Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Beer Garden.
Ave. Alfonso Reyes No. 2202 Nte.
Cuauhtemoc 8328-5746

Monterrey Automobile and Transportation Museum

Historic automobiles on display. Ave.
Alfonso Reyes
Niños Heroes Park 8331-3890

Museum of Anthropology & Paleontology

Featuring some incredible local Mammoth Remains.
Federal Highay #53
Municipio de Mina 8288-0082

Puppet House Museum

Various puppets (old and new on display. Interesting for all ages.
Padre Raymundo Jardon No. 954 Ote.
Barrio Antiguo 8343-0604

El Blanqueo Museum

Discover the growth of industry and the Industrial History of the state of Nuevo León.
Monte Blanco 325
Col. Monte Negro
Santa Catarina, Nuevo León 8336-207