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Cola de Caballo

Just a short distance up in the hills from the town of Santiago you will find the beautiful Cola de Caballo waterfalls. The waterfall got its name, which means horse tail, because the shape of the waterfall resembles a real horse tail. You can walk to the falls (almost a mile) from the entrance or you can rent a horse drawn buggy or ride on horseback. You can get very close to the waterfalls, close enough to get wet from the spray. This is a great place to take pictures of the family, so don’t forget your camera. There are restaurants, snack bars and souvenir stands before you start the easy trip to the falls. Picnic tables are spread out along the river and near the falls.

A five star hotel, Hacienda Cola de Caballo (See: Hotel Information), is located a short distance before the waterfall and provides a beautiful view of the forest below. The restaurant is said to be a great place to have lunch or dinner, before driving back to the city. A bungee jump is located on the hotel grounds. You jump directly into the forest from a platform built out over a steep cliff adjacent to the jumping area.

There are more waterfalls further along the road and a small alpine type village just a short distance up the road. This is a pristine area that is patrolled by rangers that manage to control the crowds and keep the area clean. Ample parking is available at the entrance.

Cola de Caballo: Entrance fee of approximately 35 pesos. Location approximately 25 miles southeast of Monterrey city limits on the Carretera Nacional, also called Carretera a Ciudad Victoria. Look for the signs as you pass through the city of Santiago.