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Grutas de Garcia

Just 45 minutes northwest of Monterrey, off the Satillo highway, are the truly spectacular caverns of Grutas de Garcia. These caverns, which were discovered in 1843, are more than 60 million years old, although they don’t look a day of 40 million. The system of caves themselves are reached by way of an old cable car which takes you up the almost 2500 foot assent to the entrance. The entrance to the caves is huge and the passage, which stretches over a mile, through the caves is lighted, enabling visitors to view the spectacular stalagmites, stalactites, the petrified sea shells and other interesting crystalline formations. A 90-minute tour takes you through the 16 caverns nestled inside of Cerro del Fray (Friar’s Mountain).

This is an incredible journey into mother earth and this can be a very special adventure for the whole family. There are picnic grounds, children’s playgrounds and a swimming pool near the parking area. For this reason the caves can get very crowed on weekends.

Grutas de Garcia: Entrance fee of approximately 40 pesos, less for children (includes cable car and tour). Location: Approx. 25 miles southwest of Monterrey off of the main highway to Satillo. Turn off near the Km. 22 marker.