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La Estanzuela

It doesn’t seem possible that La Estanzuela is just a short (20 minute) drive southeast of downtown Monterrey. La Estanzuela gives you the feeling of being far away from any city, and high up in the mountains. This nature area is devoted to walking in the peace and quiet of a natural setting. Paved paths, on either side of a natural stream offer visitors a chance to feel a different side of Monterrey. The sounds of several small waterfalls and the running stream add a yet another touch of tranquility to already this peaceful area. Picnics are allowed and tables and trash receptacles are installed. This is another peaceful diversion to the hustle and bustle of the busy city, nearby. You can buy water, soft drinks and snacks at the entrance.

La Estanzuela Nature Area: (81) 8337-1388. A very small entrance fee applies.