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Presa de La Boca

Approximately 45 minutes southeast of Monterrey is the small town of Santiago and the Presa de la Boca reservoir. This man made lake has become a popular water sports area and weekend retreat for Monterey residents. The lake is large enough to play host to boating and fishing enthusiasts along with large numbers of jet skis. Along the shore are rustic resorts and restaurants where visitors with children can relax over lunch and a cold beer while the children enjoy the lake.

The town of Santiago has sprouted a large market place, on the lake side of the highway, which sells everything from rustic furniture to some of the hottest chili in México. If you are into HOT things, make it a point to get some “Chili del Monte” at one of the roadside stands selling citrus and honey and this local product, chilies spiced with vinegar. There are several very interesting nurseries selling exotic landscape ornaments along with a great variety of plants. A new modern disco is also in the finishing stages. There are several motels along the road and a larger hotel on a hill overlooking the lake.

Presa de la Boca: 20 miles southeast of Monterrey city limits on the Carretera Nacional, also called Carretera a Ciudad Victoria.