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5 Great Things To Do in Monterrey, Mexico

by Helen Prichard on November 29, 2011

El Infierno Grutas de Garcia
Photo taken by Ulises Muñiz

When visiting the city of Monterrey, Mexico, you will not have to go far to see what makes this metropolitan city so unique. Ideally located at the base of the Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico and with spacious suburbs, easy to navigate road networks and car hire options such as a utilizing a used Renault, Monterrey is a perfect tourist destination.

In addition to the variety of things to do and see in the city, there are a few unique sites that should not to be missed.

Art Galleries of Monterrey

Marco Monterrey Exterior
Photo taken by David de la Luz

The La Pinacoteca Art Gallery is a must see attraction, especially for those interested in history and local culture. Here, you’ll find a wealth of different exhibitions that tell the story of Brazilian art and much more.

A light and airy venue full of glass walls, a series of catwalks and fresh open spaces, the La Pinacoteca gallery boasts excellent examples of 19th and 20th century art.

A more international take on art and design can be found at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO). This museum was built by the architect, Ricardo Legorreta, and is believed to be the largest museum of its kind in Latin America.

Marco Art Squares
Photo taken by David de la Luz

In this modern and spacious museum you’ll find a library, the museum shop, cafe and a wide range of modern art. “La Paloma” (The Dove), by artist Juan Soriano, stands outside of the museum.

This bronze statue is a symbol of the museum and an elegant display of contemporary sculpture.

Paseo de Santa Lucia

Paseo de Santa Lucia during the daytime
Photo taken by Eperales

Peace and tranquility can be found at the Paseo de Santa Lucia, a sight not to be missed when you visit Monterrey. This calm and beautiful river may be man-made, but with sidewalks that run down either side and through the downtown area, it gives visitors the perfect opportunity to see and experience the city’s cafes and restaurants.

Whether travelling by foot or by boat, this unique canal system provides a chance to see the city from a completely different perspective. On your journey you will pass park land, gardens and museums as well as a variety of murals by local artists.

Paseo de Santa Lucia
Photo taken by Esparta Palma

Take a boat and a tour guide will keep you informed about local life and Monterrey’s historic past.

Cascadas Cola de Caballo

Cascadas Cola de Caballo
Photo taken by ODiN

For a little more action, the Cascadas Cola de Caballo and Parque Nacional Cumbres are well worth a visit. The Cascadas Cola de Cabllo are named due to their resemblance to a horse’s tail.

These waterfalls provide a spectacular drop and are a popular part of the Parque Nacional Cumbres.

While a little out of the city, this is a trip worth taking with the sight and sounds of the water making your visit one you won’t forget in a hurry.

Grutas de Garcia

Grutas de Garcia Rock Formation
Photo taken by Chris Muenzer

Your visit would not be complete without experiencing the Grutas de Garcia. Situated beyond Villa de Garcia, just northwest of Monterrey, this cave system is found high in the mountains and is reached by a funicular railway.

The caves are believed to be around 50 million years old and exhibit some spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

The caves are well lighted to display the art of nature itself alongside some breathtaking views of the local mountaintops. A visit here will make the perfect end to any trip to the city of Monterrey and its usual mix of city life and mountain views.

Grutas de Garcia View
Photo taken by Andrés Monroy-Hernández

With all the breathtaking sites, it is worth the time to rent a car or take a tour beyond the city.

What is your favorite site in Monterrey?


Family Friendly Activities in Monterrey

by Stuart Brock on February 8, 2011

Monterrey Family activities

Although Monterrey is not your typical resort town that most families would visit, there are plenty of things for kids to do.

Visiting Monterrey with your family is a great cultural escape from some of the resort beaches of Mexico. There is plenty of entertainment to be had by adults and kids alike. Just be sure to check with your hotel concierge or call in advance for age and height requirements for some of the activities.

You may want to take them to some of the museums for some culture, walk around the parks and squares and then head for more fun and excitement in the following places: [click to continue…]