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Dining and Nightlife

Monterrey has an extensive dining and nightlife scene. The city has a multitude of bars and clubs, as well as many world class restaurants. Our dining and nightlife guide should help you locate places that will fit your taste for food or fun.


Visitors to Monterrey will be happy to find that they can eat cuisines from all over the world because Monterrey has a large variety of international restaurants . Varieties of food range anywhere from Asian, Mediterannean, to American, and even traditional Mexican faire.


Nightlife in Monterrey is much like any other big city. It has a huge variety of bars and clubs, as well as a few other night time activities in the arts. The bulk of the cities’ nightlife is located in the Barrio Antiguo, although there are plenty of other nightlife hotspots in the other areas of the city.


Monterrey has a large club scene that should satisfy even the most seasoned weekend warriors.  The clubs in the city play almost every imaginable type of music such as house, salsa, disco, and techno. There are also jazz and piano bars for those who are not as into clubbing.